It’s all confirmed and we are off to the resort of Courchevel for winter 2017/8! So excited. I’ll be Shift Supervisor again, looking forward to it - I’m hoping that it will be a little easier this time starting out as Supervisor rather than being promoted mid season, and I’m really looking forward to getting … Continue reading Courchevel


Alpe d’huez favourite places

Been back in the UK for two months now, and one things I’ve been meaning to get round to is a little review of some of our favourite hangouts in Alpe d’Huez! So here goes, there’s not any particular order or anything, as they’re all great in very different ways. Indiana ( My nice little … Continue reading Alpe d’huez favourite places

Freestyle lesson and boarding fun

So Adam and I finally had a freestyle lesson last week, with Fabian from ESF Alpe d’huez. It was terrifying and also extremely fun, with Fabian taking us down boxes and over the groomers. I really enjoyed tackling the boxes and finally managed to slide sidewards - something which has been a head block for … Continue reading Freestyle lesson and boarding fun