Alpe d’huez favourite places

Been back in the UK for two months now, and one things I’ve been meaning to get round to is a little review of some of our favourite hangouts in Alpe d’Huez!

So here goes, there’s not any particular order or anything, as they’re all great in very different ways.

Indiana (

My nice little afternoon sun spot, great for a cold pint after work and catching up with mates. Lovely bar staff, paninis, burgers and chips all available, shows sporting events.

Best for: Sunbathing with a cold one

Underground (

Slammadamadingdong. The home of vodka slammers, live music, excellent folks and just an all round great atmosphere. Ended up here most nights that I went out really.

Best for: Atmosphere. And shots.

Captain Sandwich (

Best sandwiches in Alpe d’huez bar none. If i’d been able to I would have had lunch here every day. Also has a great selection of veggie and gluten free stuff. Sitting on a deckchair with a beer and a veggie delight wrap is my idea of an ace lunchtime.

Best for: Sandwiches, and the lovely owner Adeline.

Eight bar (

Our chill out place, pool tables, buckets of hoegaarden, la chouffe and again ace staff (apparently for me it’s what makes somewhere a favourite). Often watched whatever batshit sport was on the extreme sports channel here.

Best for: Relaxing

Le spot (

Tunes, deckchairs, beers and food on the mountain, for a reasonable price with fantastic views. There’s not a lot to this small shack, but it works as welcome refreshment. Accessible via a green run, so not too much work to get to either.

Best for: On the mountain refreshments, reggae beats

Gaston burgers (

Upsettingly only found out about Gastons in the last few weeks of season, but undoubtedly the best burgers and fries in resort, especially late at night when you’re desperate for junk food.

Best for: Burgers, take away

La Folie Douce (

Dancing on tables in the sunshine listening to top DJs in your ski gear. Folie is the place to be. Just make sure you aren’t too wobbly to ski back down.

Best for: Party party party

Etalon (Rum bar) (

Next door neighbour to Captain Sandwich, this bar has 20 or so different flavoured rums, which you can get mixed into a flavour of your choice in a bottle. Try something classic, or a really weird mix of flavours! They also have a pirate night every year. Yarrrr.

Best for: Rum. Duh.

There’s loads more bars and restaurants in Alpe d’huez, these are just a few of my faves.

Season was a great experience, I miss it loads!


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