Diabetical stuff

I’ve already been back from the Alps a month! Time flies when you’re sorting your life out! No blog updates for a while, apologies, no internet yet in our flat in Machynlleth…

So, this blog was basically designed to give others out there a bit more info regarding ski seasons and diabetes, and this is basically my summary of the diabetes bit! Overall, my worries about going on season were completely unfounded, and I had a blast 🙂

Pre season

Pre season stuff was a lot easier than I thought. It was no trouble at all getting six months of insulin and test strips from my GP – of course this may depend on your particular Primary Care Trust/ Health Board etc, but it was a really easy thing to do in my experience (less easy was fitting it in my hand luggage!).

With the consumables for my pump I just ordered my usual 3 month supply before going out. The most difficult bit about this was actually fitting it into my suitcase, however my lovely mum sent one or two of the boxes out for me in the post! I didn’t realise before going out that Medtronic wouldn’t deliver to France however, so when I needed more I again had to rely on mum to send them to France for me, so just be careful about that!

During season

My manager was very understanding of my condition, so that helped on any days when it made me feel unwell. I decreased my insulin levels a little at the start of season, as I knew that having a more physical role, going skiing and also drinking a bit would really affect my blood sugars. This seemed to work out well and I didn’t have many hypos during season.

Make sure you chat to your diabetes care team and they’ll advise you on the specifics for your own diabetes management.

Our head chef was also fine with me storing insulin in the fridge, which was another worry I had before going out.

The main issue I came across was actually getting the time to do blood tests. Naughty diabetic. However that’s just my poor self management!

All in all, make sure you chat to your diabetes care team (mine were fab) and they’ll advise you on the specifics for your own diabetes management.

Diabetes on a Winter Season, it can definitely be done!! 🙂


One thought on “Diabetical stuff

  1. So proud of you, Kirsty. I would have been panicking so much I couldn’t have done it. Well done you. Xx


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