Freestyle lesson and boarding fun

So Adam and I finally had a freestyle lesson last week, with Fabian from ESF Alpe d’huez. It was terrifying and also extremely fun, with Fabian taking us down boxes and over the groomers.

I really enjoyed tackling the boxes and finally managed to slide sidewards – something which has been a head block for me for some time – Adam seemed to have a little more trouble with this – we think that despite him also having new skis (K2 Sight) they didn’t arrive waxed like my Roxy skis did, so he kept sticking on the boxes!

The groomers were the most terrifying thing to do – being told that we had to just ski straight at them, no turns, nothing to take the speed off was scary, and it took us both some time to get over that – I’m still not sure that I’ll ever be totally comfortable with them, as i’m not a speed demon! Didn’t die though, so there’s that…

I’m definitely up for some more park time in the future though, possibly at Snowdome or Snozone in the UK – unfortunately the snow in resort is more slush than anything else, so I haven’t spent much time down in the park recently, or skiing at all – there’s a lot of rocks on the pistes and I do not want to ruin my babies!

So what have I been doing over the past few weeks?

If I have been out on the slopes then it’s been on a snowboard – and we actually managed to get down the Sarenne glacier (black slope) on a snowboard – definitely didn’t think i’d ever manage that – it may have not been pretty, and a fair bit of heel edge was going on, but I did it!

If I have been out on the slopes then it’s been on a snowboard

Other than that it’s been baking hot, so I’ve been sitting in the sun with a pint most afternoons at Indiana – or snowboarding to picnic spot and having a beer there – my favourite spot is a little lake by Villard Reculas which is a lovely sunbathing spot.

All in all, a lovely chilled end to the season, and end it is – our last guests leave on Saturday, then it’s 5 and a half days of close down. I can’t deal with the thought of leaving!!!



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